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Graphixa is finally online! After many weeks of design and production, my little home on the web is pretty much finished - just the guestbook to finish coding, then I think we are all done. Well its a relief I can tell you, there we times that I thought I would never get this done, especially as I have been planning all this for about 3 years - lol.

All the galleries have new images, so check them out - I'll be posting new images regularly, here and at Renderosity under the name "Koushka".


Ok, the Guestbook is now up and running. If you get chance leave a message.


My first freebie is on the Textures page in the Freebie section - 10 PVC reflection maps - enjoy!.


Well the weblog is up and running, so take a look it you want to see inane ramblings from myself. A number of bugs have been fixed including the infamous non-centering guestbook. All I'm left to do now is upload the rest of my gallery images - this may take a while so check back frequently to see additions.


Finally a new image in the gallery to celebrate halloween. Its been quiet around here lately as I've had rotten flu, and I've been away on business. Hopefully another new image will be posted tomorrow, followed by a new image every week from then on.


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