Links of Interest

The following is a list of links to sites that I use and find interesting.

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The mother of all Poser product stores, and the home of Victoria 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, as well as Michael 1.0, 2.0, and the under utilised Stephanie.

The one and only Renderosity, a community for artists of all types, and a superb source of inspiration.

Poser Pros, a unique source for everything that is Poser related - excellent forums.

3D Commune like Renderosity is an excellent community for 3D artists, with free stuff, products to buy, and forums.

If your looking for a general all round 3D site, then 3D Cafe is probably the best. Fantastic 3D model downloads, tutorials, and forums.

The home of Syyd Raven, and Colm Jackson, excellent freebies, and products for purchase.

Another 3D community, this time serving the adult graphics genre. You need to be an adult to visit this site, as the content is of a sexual nature.

Personally I reckon Toxicangel must be one of the best Poser artists on the web, go take a look.

Another excellent Poser artist.

The site of a good friend of mine Norma Peters, who produces some fantastic original artwork. Go check out her site.

Possibly the best erotic artist there is. His works are a constant soruce of inspiration.

Another source of inspiration for me. I met him once...I doubt he remembers me...

This is a site of a friend of mine - Mike James. He produces cast resin model kits of nubile young ladies from the cute to the erotic. He is also a superb artist and photographer, with many of his works for sale on his site. Go check it out, and say Lee sent you!

Some wonderfull php scripts here, including the fantastic KISGB Guestbook that is used here on my site. Thanks Gaylen!

Free search engine submission and placement services!

A nice easy way to submit your site to search engines.

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