Who are Graphixa?

From as early as he could remember, Lee Barnett was happiest when holding a pencil and piece of paper, probably as a result of his parents not wanting crayon art all over their walls. Raised and educated in the UK, Lee currently works for a research institute looking at the manufacture of shoes. So what has this to do with 3D art?


Well, Lee graduated from university with an engineering degree, and became interested in the area of multimedia development. For 5 years Lee worked in various multimedia houses as an Authorware developer and consultant, and became involved in the production of bespoke 3D work for various corporate clients like Vodafone and TRW Lucas Aerospace. This wetted his appetite for 3D, in particular the production of character driven work. Having already gained some experience in the use of Curious Labs Poser (Metacreations as it was then), Lee went full steam ahead producing his own artwork, some being posted to gallery sites on the net, other, purely for his own enjoyment.

Although research forms the basis of his current work, Lee’s thoughts are never far away from the production of his next piece of art, and is always looking for opportunities to expand his skills and expertise, to achieve the heights of excellence that his influences Luis Royo, Chris Achilleos, and Sorayama Hajime achieve.

Lee lives in Leicestershire, UK, with his wife, lunatic dog, and cats, all of whom seem to come higher than him in the pecking order. He is currently trying to finish his PhD, just because his wife likes the sound of being married to a Doctor.